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Gerdi with Julia Felton on working with horses in business coaching

I can’t quite remember when and where Julia and I met. Definitely online and maybe even in person at a workshop in London.

What I do remember though is being very intrigued (and somewhat jealous) when I learned the partners in her coaching work are four-legged, noble animals — horses!

Having dubbed herself the business wrangler and herd leader at Business Horse Power Ltd, Julia is an award-winning Master Coach, business mentor and consultant. She also is an accomplished businesswoman and Horse Assisted Educator.

A qualified safari guide who lived in the African Bush for 5 months, she loves all things Africa.

It’s where her passion for Nature grew from and where she began to fully understand how much there is we can learn from Nature. Lessons that can help us create high-performance businesses.

A cowgirl at heart Julia lives in Yorkshire with her herd of four rescue horses; as at home on the back of a horse rounding up cattle as she is in the business world.

Although she loves speaking and delivering workshops from the stage, she particularly loves facilitating and hosting workshops at the barn with her horses. A place she describes as magical; one where life-long transformation occurs.

As she puts it: “There is something about the power of horses and being in nature that just shifts people to another space, one where they become more self-aware and connected to themselves and others.”

Her extensive business background as a corporate management consultant makes her a master translator when running her workshops with horses. Able to easily translate what is happening in the barn to the boardroom so clients can readily appreciate the practical application of the business lessons they experience.

A lifelong learner with a passion for business she loves sharing her expertise and knowledge with others in order to help them achieve success and unleash their hidden potential.

All the wisdom she gained from her years of working in business and with horses, Julia put on paper as she authored two books: ‘Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives Of Horses Impacts Leadership, Teamwork and Communication’ and ‘The Alchemy Of Change: Ancient Wisdom Re-Invented To Unlock The Potential Of Leaders and Teams’.

She believes that business should and can be a massive force for good in the world when they focus on the impact and contribution they can make to all stakeholders. Her business principles are based on herd dynamics where collaboration, community and connection reign.

When it comes to her work Julia’s inspiration comes from her herd of rescued horses who she says “have taught her the best leadership and business lessons ever as they never sugar-coat the feedback.

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