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Gerdi with Jo Roberts on a lifetime outdoors and writing books

Writing Inside Out – is her new venture to inspire and motivate others to explore & share their own stories. As she believes that we all have a story to tell and that experiencing life’s ups & downs is a journey we all travel.

She understands though, that – while sharing can be a joyful liberation – it can also be a daunting & scary place. That to show up at our most vulnerable and reveal ourselves takes courage.

So her mission is to gently encourage and empower amazing souls – who have a story to tell – to write inside out.

Originally from South West England, she is now settled on the edge of the beautiful Lake District National park; where her writing, like her life, reflects some deep inner shifts.

In her former career, she has been leading and facilitating groups within an outdoor and adventure setting for decades. So is well versed in holding space and going the extra mile.

She finds great solace in being near the mountains. And when she’s not writing, coaching or leading others, she can be found enjoying the healing power of open water swimming, strolling through the woods or striding out on the local fells.

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Jo's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Singin’ in the rain’ from the movie musical of the same title, performed by Gene Kelly


Raynor Winn - The Salth Path


Jo doesn’t have a particular favourite movie but she likes any film that has really lovely scenery in it.

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