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Jo Baldwin Trott | Multi-dimensional coach & mentor


Gerdi with Jo Baldwin Trott on morning routine and the gifts of Nature

Jo Baldwin Trott is a multidimensional mentor and coach. Working with profound intuition, energy and business experience she supports her clients’ progression personally as well as for their business.

Her work in mentoring and coaching extends into connection and energy. Through thirty years of experience and a powerful insight she takes her clients to a new level of visibility and influence whilst supporting them through changes in mindset, behaviour, and relationships.

The biggest and most important question she always asks her clients is: “Are you ready for change?”

Jo has mentored many global business founders and over sixty authors. Some at the very beginning of their journey, others who are international bestsellers. Writing from the heart and soul is at the core of her mentoring with her unique approach to ‘tuning in’ and applying Dharma to all that we do. She also believes in sharing all that she knows.

She’s not only a coach and mentor but also a publisher. Her company ‘Proper Books’ creates books of social consciousness. With a life-long love of books and extensive teaching experience, she supports her authors through each step of writing.

Before obtaining an honours degree in business management, Jo spent a year working in the Australian outback.

She then worked for nine years as a police officer in Avon & Somerset Constabulary. Her ‘dream job’ wasn’t what she thought it would be and she subsequently qualified with a post-graduate degree in primary education. Jo worked as a teacher for 3 years until her own children, twins, were born.

She now lives on the South Coast of the UK and enjoys a busy life with her children.

Jo sings in a band, swears by yoga, loves skiing, surfing and is planning on a second home in her second favourite place in the World – Santa Barbara, California.

She is trained in Reiki healing and a director for 50:50 Parliament striving to achieve gender balance in the UK’s government and the patron of Soul Sisters Empowering People UK.

Jo is herself an international best-selling author of ‘Remote Working’, ‘Fit For Purpose Leadership 6’ and ‘Women Leading’.

As is abundantly clear from all of this, she is a multi-talented woman with an interesting story! And I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg so be sure to check out all the links below after you’ve finished listening to this conversation.

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Jo's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘What A Wonderful Wold’ by Louis Armstrong


‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ composed by Pietro Mascagni




‘You vs. Wild | Interactive Series ft. Bear Grylls on Netflix.

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