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Gerdi with Jess Dewell on the importance of knowing yourself

Jess Dewell lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family and has a view of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains

There she guides start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Driving solutions and leadership, the teams she works with learn to ask the right questions and think quickly on their feet.

As an interim executive, Jess guides the development of a powerful culture of performance and helps solve operational limitations.

Her superpowers include supporting leaders’ and teams’ development; facilitating their abilities to determine both what needs to be done in order to grow and how that growth will be achieved.

As a Board member, she helps steer companies toward a sustainable future, supporting executives and monitoring products and programs and market trends. All while protecting and nurturing the company’s vision, mission and values across the arc of rapid change.

Jess is the host and producer of The Bold Business Podcast for leaders in business that choose the solution, action, and decisions that are right for the situation at hand.

She named her company Red Direction after the red pointer on a compass that points to true north.

Using the right techniques, along with some guidance, you can use this direction to reach wherever you want to go with your business and in life.

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