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Gerdi with Helen Fraser on the majesty of mountains and lessons they teach 

Like me Helen Fraser is a lover of Nature, especially mountains, and unlike me she can actually ski in powder snow.

I think we may actually have met online because of our shared love of Nature.

In answer to a post of mine in which I asked “What is a snapshot of happiness moment in your life?”, Helen wrote about skiing the Valle Blanche and ending up at the foot of a frozen waterfall … standing in awe of the beauty of Mother Nature and Father Mountain.

She calls herself a mindful rebel, game-changer, sound healer, mother and adventurer. For her it is about both the journey and destination

As a coach, Helen helps her clients connect with their authentic identity, clarify their life purpose and build profitable businesses that transform the world.

At 37, self-made and financially independent, she quit her full-time corporate career and focused on raising her son.

She also set out on an “inner journey” in search of awakening, meaning and purpose.

Following a seven-year psycho-spiritual transformation she concluded that our flavour of purpose is borne from our authentic identity. She also concluded that its realisation is experienced through serving others.

Now Helen helps others ‘on the path’ (re) discover that authentic identity and the courage to live in alignment with it.

She has found her second wind and now helps her clients live authentic, happy, impactful lives and grow conscious, purposeful businesses that serve humanity.

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Helen's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘The Four Seasons’ composed by Antonio Vivaldi


Being dyslexic Helen never really got into reading and has no favourite book that celebrates Nature




‘Wild’ directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

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