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Gerdi with Heather Wright on how Nature can support us during stressful times

Heather Wright is based in Wokingham about 40 miles west of London and helps leaders to get unstuck and find fulfilment in their career and wider life.

She’s a qualified coach and predominantly works with mid-career women who are feeling increasingly unmotivated, overwhelmed or simply stuck. She helps people to re-connect to what’s truly important to them and tackle the things that might be holding them back from living the life they want. After mainly working over Zoom during the last year, she is now keen to build the outdoors into her client experiences as much as possible.

Prior to becoming a coach she had a successful career in the IT industry and understands well the pressures of the working world. It was in that career, that she discovered her passion for helping people achieve their potential.

Managing multi-national teams, with a focus on each individual’s personal development, was hugely rewarding and ignited her passion for coaching. 

Experiencing coaching herself helped her to make some big decisions about her career and ultimately led her to step into her own self-leadership and start a coaching practice!

In her free time, my guest loves to be outdoors and getting close to nature, especially walking or riding her bike.

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Heather's Favourites Celebrating Nature



Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) by George Harrison


Watership Down



‘Danny Macaskill: The Ridge’ directed by Stu Thomson

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