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Gwyneth Jones | Emotional Intelligence Coach


Gerdi with Gwyneth Jones on the constant balancing act called life

Today’s guest has so far had a life and career that spanned the globe. Born in Wales, after graduating she left the UK to work as a language trainer in Japan assisting Japanese English teachers in elementary and junior high school.

She then moved on to being a self-employed English teacher in Prague, capitol of the Czech Republic.

For a while she moved back to Wales and the UK to work in — as she puts it — the ‘Happiness at Work’ space.

Realising that humanity needed more than ‘happiness at work’ to survive this century, she left that space to become a coach trained in Six Seconds emotional intelligence work, The Work That Reconnects and more.

I ‘met’ her in the online space at a webinar for the Climate Coaching Alliance.

Following her on LinkedIn I could tell she has a deep connection with Nature and helping people re-connect with her is an important part of Gwyneth’s mission and work.

Still working as a freelance language trainer, she is most passionate about her work as a coach, facilitator, teacher, writer and connector.

She is the host of the podcast ‘The Way We Connect’ on which she the way that we relate, date, and communicate.

She also is the author of the GreenJoy travel blog where she writes about travel (obviously), healthy recipes, permaculture, the environment, positive psychology and sometimes endulges in a political rant.

In 2016 she moved back to Prague again, where she’s now learning all about gardening with her beautiful little allotment space.

All this just to point out, she is a multi-talented person.


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