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Gerdi with Fiona Anderson on what makes self-leadership daring

While working for the BBC Fiona Anderson travelled the globe covering events like the Hong Kong handover to China, democracy in Burma, American elections and the attacks of 9/11.

She then settled down in the UK working for the BBC’s College of Journalism where she worked with emerging and experienced broadcasters to help them further their professional development.

When she left the BBC she also left journalism behind and focussed on teaching as well as coaching people and organisations on the finer points of storytelling.

In 2012 she founded The Creative Coach that offers coaching for leaders and individuals who want to innovate and create their way through crises, with kindness and compassion for colleagues, employees and customers

Turns out the well of her journalistic juices has not completely dried up.

Recently Fiona facilitated a ‘Lessons From the First Nations’ with Tessa Bailey, a First Nations [Klinkit] matriarch from the Yukon as part of the 24 hour ‘What’s Mine To Do’ conversation organized by the Climate Coaching Alliance. An alliance formed to enable coaches and the coaching profession to develop strategies and practices that for coaches and others to step into their necessary leadership role in the face of our climate and ecological emergency.

As seems to happen so often these days Fiona and I met online and connected through our mutual love of Nature.

Since first meeting we’ve spent many an hour sharing thoughts on as many different topics.

Today she’s here to discuss ‘Daring Self-Leadership & The Nature Connection’.

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Fiona's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Willow’ from the album ‘Lost Words: Spell Songs’


Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver



Kes (1969) directed by Kenneth Loach

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