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Gerdi with Diana Tedoldi on The Nature Coaching Academy

Diana Tedoldi is a leadership and teamwork development specialist. Since 2000 she’s been working in the corporate environment; first as a manager in the Organisation and HR field, and then as a freelance professional.

Throughout her professional life, she has been developing projects for organisational evolution, managerial growth, leadership and team development.

Integrating her passions

As a Professional Certified Coach and expert facilitator of personal and professional growth, she integrates her experience in HR with her passion for music, nature, creativity.

Among her accolades are a Master degree in Philosophy as well as a Post-Graduate Degree in Dance Movement Therapy and Ecotherapy. She also studied at the University of Florence to learn how to design social and organisational innovation inspired by the world of plants.

The Nature Coaching Academy

Passionate about reconnecting people and organisations with the intelligence of Nature and Her infinite resources for organic growth, Diana founded The Nature Coaching Academy. There she teaches coaches how to do sessions in connection with nature.

When you know of my mission of reconnecting people with themselves and Nature, it will come as no surprise that I was immediately fascinated by Diana and her Academy when I first learned of her.

Within The Nature Coaching Academy Diana has created the Nature Coaching and Forest Coaching® program. It is an original integration of ecopsychology, biomimicry, biophilic design, circular thinking, wild thinking, nature-connection, maieutic dialogue and somatic coaching.

Diana’s ultimate purpose is restoring our connections: within ourselves, the others, and our beloved planet, to co-create a future of life for all living beings (human and non-human).

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Diana's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Cherokee Morning Song’ by Robbie Robertson, The Red Road Ensemble & others


 L'Abbraccio selvatico delle Alpi (The Wild Hug of the Alps) by Franco Michieli



‘Le Peuple Migrateur’ (Winged Migration) directed by Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats & Jacques Perrin

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