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Gerdi with Craig Constantine on semi-retirement, climbing and parkour

Craig and I have a wide-ranging conversation touching upon working in IT, the Appalachian Trail, hiking, climbing and parkour as well as all lessons we can learn from them.

I was introduced to today’s guest when I listened to an interview on his podcast with future ‘Daring Self-Leadership’ guest Diane F. Wyzga.

They had a conversation about podcasting in general but specifically about how Diane got into podcasting. I regularly listen to her 1-minute podcast ‘Stories From Women Who Walk’ and found the entire conversation fascinating — In no small part due to Craig’s interview style.

My curiosity peaked, I looked at Craig’s social media and website where I discovered he’s not only a very good conversationalist.

He’s also someone with a passion for the outdoors who has spent a lifetime working in an entirely different field before embarking on a podcast career with a mission to create better conversations to spread understanding and compassion — contributing to a world where everyone can flourish.

So let me officially introduce you to Craig Constantine.

Craig Constantine on semi-retirement, climbing and parkour

Craig has been an Internet entrepreneur for twenty-five years and is currently the voice behind the “Movers Mindset” podcast.

With a formal education in physics and astronomy, he has extensive experience as an aikido instructor and as a leader of astronomy retreats.

Long-term mastery level experience in diverse fields such as programming, system administration, martial arts, parkour, sailing, and astronomy has provided Craig with a breadth and depth of knowledge that he applies to new problems and challenges.

Extensive experience with process development and project management allows Craig to efficiently plan, facilitate, and coordinate efforts to take projects from the idea stage to implementation quickly.

Hobbies include world traveling, parkour, blogging, mountain climbing, interesting conversations, and philosophy.

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Links to people and websites mentioned:

The Appalachian Mountain Club — https://www.outdoors.org/

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits — https://zenhabits.net/

Thomas Sowell — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Sowell

The History of Parkour — https://parkour.sport/history.php

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Craig's Favourites Celebrating Nature



‘Flying in a blue dream’ by Joe Satriani




Bladerunner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve. Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

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