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Gerdi with Clare Snowdon on becoming a Climate Reality Leader

Today’s guest is Clare Snowdon, a mum of 2 daughters – a 22- and a 7-year-old and living on the outskirts of London, UK.

By day she works as a physicist in a lab. In her spare time, she is passionate about guiding Nature connection, sharing mindfulness, championing biodiversity and getting involved in climate action.

She has co-authored two books on mindfulness (‘Mindfulness for Challenging Times’ and ‘Mindfulness for Transformation’) and she’s the author of a series of Mindful Nature Connection journals. All the proceeds of these Clare donates to the Wildlife Trusts.

Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods

She has been training with the Pachamama Alliance to better understand Climate Justice and to build the skills to take community action.

At present, Clare is working on setting up Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods – a project to reconnect people with Nature through their gardens/balconies/allotments etc. and encouraging wildlife gardening/wild spaces. It will hopefully connect people without access to such spaces with people who are struggling to maintain their garden or allotment.

This is driven by a need to create corridors for Nature and very much recognises the amazing impact urban green spaces can have on biodiversity.

Dragon Mindfulness & Nature Connection Centre

In addition, Clare works on building a team of people doing climate walk-and-talks to raise funds for climate justice – the aim is to fund support and reparations for the people most affected by the climate crisis.

She set up Dragon Mindfulness and Nature Connection as a virtual centre to contain all these activities – a place to share information about mindfulness, Nature connection, mental health, the “environment,” and wildlife gardening.

Climate Reality Leader

This year Clare participated in the Climate Reality Leadership training developed and given by former US vice-president Al Gore.

She says she has really benefited from the connection with the community and with people around the world as a result of that.

To quote Clare: “It has been amazing listening to people’s stories and experiences and joining together with a common passion.

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