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Gerdi with Anne Iarchy on the importance of self-care for self-leadership

Anne Iarchy describes herself as a Haribo addict in remission.

She was born and raised in Belgium. After finishing high school she moved to Israel to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she received an MBA in Computer and Information Systems & Organisational Behaviour.

Once she had her degree she embarked on a career in IT, holding different management positions in several international IT companies.

Along the way she moved to the UK where she settled down in London.

Without consciously noticing it though, Anne was growing overworked, overweight, unhappy. Despite her success in the corporate world her confidence and self-esteem were low.

In an effort to at least control her weight and manage her health, she tried lots of different diets, pills and potions while fitting in exercise whenever and wherever she could. None of it with any lasting results.

Thinking the lack of results must be due to a lack of willpower, motivation and time and maybe just not being able to be make it happen, she turned to others for help. None of whom were able to help her with a long term solution.

She even went so far as to become a personal trainer and nutritional therapist, but found that though what she learned was helpful it didn’t provide a sustainable, long-term solution either.

That’s when she started developing her own 5-step system that worked and more importantly is sustainable for the long term.

Ditching the old formula of “Eat Less and Move More”, Anne focuses on the 5 steps of

• Mindset
• Habits & Behaviours
• Nutrition & Diet
• Exercise & Movement and
• Sleep & Stress

When she’s not working Anne loves to cook and bake, spend time outdoors and with family, play golf, swim and raise money for charity. Unusually for a personal trainer, I hate running, so just know, you are not alone if you don’t enjoy pounding the pavements.

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