It’s Time To Stop Being Unhappy in Your Career Despite Your Success…. To Get Out From Under A Mountain Of Stress…. To stop Being Sick And Tired of Being Tired All The Time…. And Finally Reconnect With Yourself Again So You Can Live Life As You Want To.

Even when you’ve lost all passion for what you do, are desperately afraid of disappointing your loved ones, and have no idea how to start changing the way you live your life…

Hi, my name is Gerdi Verwoert and

I Know Why You’re Here….

Right Now, You’re Facing Some Big Obstacles, Mountains Even, In Your Life…

Despite the success you’ve created in your career, you’re kept awake at night with the big life crisis question… “Is this really what my life is all about?”

You know you should be proud of everything you’ve achieved – and there’s no denying that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now – but the cold, hard truth is that you’re desperately unhappy. You dread going to work, you’ve lost your spark, and at the end of your long days, you’re left feeling tired, empty, and burnt out.

You’re afraid to disappoint those around you whose expectations you’ve long been trying to live up to.

You’ve carefully crafted a persona around who you are, and though it’s a mould that no longer makes you happy or gives you any kind of satisfaction, you’re scared to take a different route and step outside of that box.

You’re giving an Oscar worthy performance of a successful person with a successful life, but it feels like it all belongs to someone else. Someone who isn’t you.

You secretly harbour desires to discover, to rediscover who you are, but you don’t even know where to start. You don’t know how to change.

This Way Of Living, These Habits And Behaviours Have Been With You For So Long That You’re Firmly Stuck, And You Can’t See A Way Out.

The Good News Is That I Can Help You…

I’ve set aside some time to speak with you over the next few days.

On that call, I’ll show you how we can work together to reset your mind, get out from under a mountain of stress, reconnect with yourself and design your own life map – a map of how you want to live your life.

Even when your obstacles feel like huge mountains you’ll never conquer. Even when you’ve spent years dancing to everyone else’s drum. And even when you’ve lost sight of who you are, and what you really desire.

You don’t have to continue on the path you’re on for a minute longer.

I don’t work with clients in a stuffy classroom or office.  I don’t only catch up with you over the phone. You’re not expected to just halfheartedly complete some online homework. Complete immersion is an important part of how I work, that’s why it’s so transformational.

We climb mountains. We take a panoramic view of your life, and the challenges along your path. We get results.

You absolutely CAN take a leap of faith in yourself, and start blazing a trail of your own choosing.

I’m the Dare Greatly Coach, and when we work together, you’ll finally dare to blaze your own life’s trail!

But before you book your call with me, please read this next part very carefully…

This Is Not For Everyone!

I’m very selective about who I work with, as maintaining my high client success rate is extremely important to me. As such, I’ve got a strict but reasonable set of criteria that you must meet in order for us to move forward:

  1. You must be open to the idea of joining me for an immersive 4-5 days of mountain hiking and disconnecting from any devices as part of your transformation. Depending on the weather and the season, you’ll stay in hotels with great amenities, or cosy, simple mountain cabins.

    This is where you’ll clear and reset your mind, and create room for new and fresh ideas. Together, we’ll reach the top of mountains – both literally and metaphorically –, gain a new perspective on life and everything that is possible for you.

    These trails will sometimes be easy, sometimes be hard, and sometimes be somewhere in between. You’ll leave ready to conquer your personal valleys and peaks.

  2. You must be open to change, and ready to take the leap. If you’re more committed to staying where you are than moving forward right now, then this is not for you.

If you tick both of these boxes, we’re good to go.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Click the button below to select a time in my diary that works for you. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll answer a short series of questions about your current circumstances so I know a little more about you before we speak.

Our call will last around 45 minutes, and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do to finally start blazing your own trail in life, fast.

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