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Discover the person you aspire to be! Join us for an inspiring weekend in Caprese Michelangelo, Italy! 

Have you ever had someone, a friend or a colleague, tell you how much they admire you because you always seem to know what you’re doing, because you’ve got ‘it made’? You mumble something along the lines of ‘Oh, it’s not all that important’ or ‘It’s nothing really!’, while at the same time screaming inside “If only you knew how empty it feels to be living like this!”

How could they know?!

You never talk about it. Not with those close to you and certainly not anyone else! You hardly even admit it to yourself!

And yet …

Lately you have this nagging voice in the back of your mind that won’t be quiet. It keeps asking the questions like “Shouldn’t there be more to life?” and saying things “This isn’t what you want to be doing for the rest of your life!”

And now you’re wondering …

If this isn’t how you want to live your life, if this isn’t what you want your legacy to be, then what else is there?! And where do you start?!

This weekend is all about you!

Treat yourself to a weekend in the Italian countryside and spend it focussed on discovering what it is that lights you up inside.

Find out what it is that fills you with joy and happiness.

You’ll go home with a plan for how to start living with your head and heart in alignment. 

You will know what your first steps will be leading you to live a life that fuels your well-being and your self-worth!

It gets even better!

You’ll be enjoying the company of kindred spirits. Women asking themselves questions similar to yours!

You’ll have great conversations and learn from them while they learn from you.

You’ll laugh and may even shed a few tears. 

All of it helping you figure out what it is you REALLY want out of your life; what you want your LIFE’S LEGACY to be!

But there’s a catch!

None of this will happen if you don’t show up! Physically! Emotionally!

It won’t happen unless you are open and willing to experience all we, the facilitators, as well as the other particpants have to offer you!

You have to be willing to stop running, PAUSE AND LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN to what that little voice in your head has been telling you all along!

I do realise pausing, taking a break might not be easy for you. I understand! I’ve been there!

But I also know from personal experience where blindly continuing along the path same path, ignoring that empty feeling will eventually lead and it’s not pretty! (If you don’t know who I am, you can find our more about me here)

So here’s the bottom line:

Do you want to finally find out how you can live a life where you wake up every morning excited about the day ahead?

Are you ready to finally figure out what your life looks like when you live in alignment with your soul?

Then this weekend is for you!

What Women Took Away From The First Gathering

Real Words From Real Wild Things
  • "Meeting such an incredible group of women at the 1st of Wild Things retreat felt like I had found my tribe. I felt supported, seen, heard. It was like a safe little den where our baby Wolf cub souls were nurtured, stimulated, and supported by our Mama Wolf! Exploring my wild thing self, I was able to envision my future self evolving. It set me on a new path towards my true self."
  • "I think the most important thing I learned was how valuable it is to step away from my daily routine in order to recognize how chaotic and stressed my life can become. I cherish the opportunity the Wild Things gathering gave me to purposefully explore my beliefs, my thoughts, my feelings and my heart's desires to see if they were congruent the life I was living. I learned that strangers could become friends in the blink of an eye. I learned that once I disclosed and 'named' my heart's desires to this wonderful group of women my desires became objectives that have guided me forward. The positive power of the group gave my desires wings to soar and I'm much happier for it. [...] I can't wait to treat myself to the luxury of another Wild Things Retreat!!"
  • "Sometimes in the past, I set personal goals based on what society thinks should be done without realizing that was what I was doing. The Wild Things gathering opened my eyes to knowing the difference between what I truly want my life to be and what others say should be what I want my life to be. It was very empowering to know there were other women out there in the world struggling through the same journey."
Dare Greatly Coaching | Wild Things, Italy

Are You A Wild Thing?

So who are these Wild Things, that this weekend is for? Valid question!

This is a weekend for women who are go-getters. Women who have a can-do attitude.

It’s for women who work hard, who are successful by other people’s standards but not necessarily their own.

It is a weekend for women who are wondering if they really want to continue the way they are living their life right now.

A weekend for women who really want to start taking charge of their lives and careers!

Women who want to wake up every morning excited because they know they’ll be spending the day working on something they are excited about.

Does this sound like you?

Then rest assured you are a Wild Thing and this weekend is for you!

This is so totally me! Sign me up please! 

Wild Thing – Program

Day 1 – November 4, 2016

Of course you can arrive in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 5, 2016 when the second gathering of Wild Things will actually take off. However, we highly recommend you book yourself into either Terra de Michelangelo or another, nearby location of your choice. That way you’ll start your Wild Things experience refreshed instead of tired from possibly a long and strenuous journey.

Having checked in at your location you can use your time to explore the surroundings of Terra di Michelangelo or visit the lovely ancient town Anghiari.

For those who have already arrived there will be an informal get-together over drinks from 6.30 – 7.30 PM at Terra di Michelangelo (first round on us). It will be an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit before really digging in on Saturday.

After that the evening is all yours to do with as you please.

Day 2 – November 5, 2016

After what will hopefully been a very restful night you have the opportunity to join Lisa in a guided meditation to start off your day with a clear head. Or you can join Gerdi for a nice refreshing walk to take in some fresh air and thoroughly wake up both mind and body. Sleeping in is, of course also an option.

Over breakfast at Terra di Michelangelo you’ll meet all other participants for the first time and have the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better. Like you, these women will have come here to discover what makes their heart sing.

And then we start.

Though some of us may have gotten to know each other a bit already over drinks last night or breakfast this morning, we’ll properly start the second gathering of WILD THINGS with a brief introduction of the program and ourselves. Of course you’ll be asked to introduce yourselves as well.

The morning will be spend exploring what your core values are. What deep inside of you needs to be honoured in order for you to live life with your heart and head in alignment? Bringing those core values together with your unique talents and strengths will then take you another step closer to making your heart sing.

After our lunch break we’ll go for an extended walk in the beautiful surroundings of Terra di Michelangelo.

Walking in nature has an enormous meditative quality and is a great way to reflect on what new insights you’ve gained from the morning’s exercise. It will also prepare you for the closing exercise of the

After our meditative walk we’ll take some time to collectively look back on today’s lessons and ahead to tomorrow.

Before we sit down to a delicious dinner prepared by the wonderful kitchen staff of Terra di Michelangelo, you have the chance to participate in a wine tasting guided by an expert sommelier who will introduce you not just to the art of wine tasting, but also to some of the finest wines of the region.

After dinner, weather permitting, you will have the chance to join us around the campfire where we can share our life stories with each other.

Day 3 – November 6, 2016

Another chance for an active morning. This time you can choose to participate in morning yoga with Lisa or once again join Gerdi for a brisk morning walk. If on the other hand you’d rather sleep in, that is perfectly fine too!

After breakfast we’ll pick up where we left of yesterday.

In preparation for the weekend we will have asked you to complete two surveys and before lunch we will be looking at both of those. They’ll give you insight in the core of what motivates you. Having that knowledge will enable you to use it consciously and consistently which offers an opportunity to greatly enhance your quality of life.

We’ll end the day by tying your insights from yesterday together with the lessons from today. You’ll begin to shape with clear goals and steps your life as you want to lead it .

We’ll close out the second gathering of WILD THINGS around 4 PM.

If you have time you can stay and enjoy another dinner at Terra di Michelangelo. Or you can start on your journey home.

Whatever your choice, you will leave Terra di Michelangelo with renewed energy, clarity around who you want to be and how you are going to do that.

You will have made a commitment to yourself to take the steps necessary for you to fuel your self-worth and well-being. And you will have made new friends who are committed to do the same thing in their lives too and will serve you as a wonderful support group.



€ 350

Included in every registration

  • participation in program as described above
  • one PRINT and one Strengthsfinder survey
  • workshop materials
  • complementary wifi, snacks & beverage in seminar room
  • membership of the private WILD THINGS facebook group

As a BONUS each participant gets one follow-up private coaching session with each of the two facilitors. These will take place in the second half of December to review the plan you will have made over this weekend to bring changes to your life and ensure a solid start into 2017.

Upon receipt of your registration you will recieve an email with payment information. We will also provide you with recommendations for great places to stay in the area. Ristorante Agriturismo Terra di Michelangelo of course chief among them.

Once your full payment has gone through you will be send a welcome email with more information as well as a link to the private WILD THINGS facebook group. In it we will be posting updates on the weekend and you will have the chance to get connected to other Wild Things who will support you and your heart song long after you’ve returned home from this weekend.

Discover your heart song! Bring your heart and mind together!


Should you have any questions, please email them to me at daregreatlycoaching@gmail.com

About Gerdi and Lisa

Both Gerdi and Lisa are passionate about the outdoors. They also both passionately believe everyone has the right to live their own life to their fullest potential and too often have seen people doing anything but that. It is why they share a mission to support people, women especially, in finding ways to live their lives according to their own rules. To live a life that makes their heart sing!

Learn more about Gerdi here

You can find out more about Lisa here