When you need to stop being too busy to take time out

DGC | Stop

“STOP! STOP telling me about how incredibly busy you are!” That’s what I often want to say to people who want to work with me but keep telling me they are “too busy” to find the time.

STOP talking about how you hardly have time for family and friends!

STOP complaining about how you used to have hobbies, but no longer have the time!

STOP mentioning how you’d do something for yourself if only you had the time!

I get it! You’re busy. You’re important. Your work can’t do without you.

If that’s truly the case then accept it for what it is and stop complaining about not having a life.


I know because when I started making different choices in my corporate career, I also stopped being too busy for any of the things I mentioned above and more.

My very first choice was to closely monitor my schedule in relation to the quality of the work I needed to deliver as well as my (mental or physical) health.

Sounds easy enough, I know, but it was harder than expected to overcome the guilt I felt or the blame that was thrown my way when I said ‘No’ to a project, a meeting, etc

It was hard to not fall back into years of thinking I could somehow manage to do more, work harder and ignore my health in the process.

But I did it and the world didn’t stop turning and the company I worked for didn’t crumble!

What will you choose?!

As always….

Go dare greatly!