What Will Your Year Look Like?

I’ve settled into my winter season routine: getting up early to work on Dare Greatly Coaching, then off to the ski school or check on someone’s holiday property. In the evening more coaching work before I’m off to bed and repeat this cycle the next day.

It’s a routine that – if I don’t take good care of myself – wears me out. Getting enough sleep and sticking to a healthy diet is important. When I don’t, my energy level takes a serious hit. Then it becomes all too easy to loose sight of the things I want to accomplish in 2017.

I have set myself some serious goals to reach by December 31, 2017. But when I’m tired it is tempting to let happen exactly what my last newsletter was all about:

Have 2017 dangerously shape up to look like last year (click on the link to read last weeks post)

Since I’m determined to have a year that is different from last year, more successful than last year, I’ve given myself a firm kick in the b*tt.

I’m a morning person who needs her sleep, so I’m back to going to bed early. I’m paying more attention to my diet too and am resisting the temptation to eat the sugar infested meals that are usually served on the ski slopes.

Most importantly I’ve very consciously mapped out a course that will help me realise my goals. (Which, by the way, includes organising a webinar as preparation for at least two live coaching events that are to take place in Nationalpark Hohe Tauern in summer later this year!)

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I’ve also enlisted the help of my coach as well as my mastermind sisters to keep me on track.

So now I have a serious question for you, please consider this with me!

What are you doing to make sure your 2017 different is from last year?

How will you make sure you don’t let the routine of every day life get in the way?

Please scroll down, leave a comment and tell me: What steps are you taking to make sure that you live your life and not just exist?

And as always …

#LiveYourOwnLife #LiveUpToYourOwnExpectations

Now go dare greatly and live up to your own expectations!

P.S. I firmly believe everyone has the right to live their own life. No one is helped when we live someone else’s life. We least of all! So finally give yourself permission to start living your own life!

Photo credit: Greg Rakozy (StockSnap)