What fear stops you from doing what you love?

I’ve been on this journey of building a coaching practice for a little over a year now. I love the coaching side of it. I even love some of the business side of it. There is a side to building a practice I don’t love (yet)! A side I even fear: networking!

The word ‘networking’ immediately causes images to pop into my head of events where I always felt extremely uncomfortable.

These events often felt ‘salesy’ with lots of business cards exchanging hands.

When I had to attend them my preferred ‘modus operandi’ was to get a drink and find a nice quiet corner. From there I would observe and listen.

What can I say? I’m an introvert and that’s what introverts do. We observe and listen.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not a recluse. I will totally engage when I’m in the company of people I already know. Or with people I have a connection (like a common interest or passion) with.

But I always feared having to go out into the world and network.

And now I have to go networking again! How else will people know about me and the coaching I do?

Or do I?

I’m learning networking is not about all the things I saw happen (but never did) back in my corporate days.

It is not about being salesy or giving out and collecting as many business cards as I can.

Communication expert Amy Castro sums up my attitude towards networking nicely:

I don’t like feeling like I’m being ‘sold to,’ nor have I ever liked, probably to my detriment, ‘selling myself.’ Rather, I feel if people get to know me, know what I’m passionate about, and what I have to offer my friends, colleagues, and customers, they’ll let me know if they want to associate with me.

Nice to know I’m not alone in this.

Talking to my own coach about this subject also proved helpful. She made this observation:

Offering to help others solve a problem they are having because I can provide a solution is not the same as being salesy.

Suppose I had just broken the binding on one of my skis.

Taking the cable car down the mountain I strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me.

Turns out he is an expert at repairing skis and bindings and offers to help out.

Would I refuse his help? Of course not. I would totally take him up on his offer.

I’d then find out what I could do for him. Pay him for his service or do something else to return the favour.

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Slowly my view of networking has been changing.

I’m still not comfortable with connecting with people when I don’t yet know them. Or with people I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Nor for that matter am I completely at ease in social settings even when I know lots of people there. I may always be too much of an introvert to ever get to that point.

But …

[bctt tweet=”I have to abandon my fear if I am to live life doing what I love! #DareGreatly #AbandonAllFear” username=”GerdiVwt”]

So beware, I might just be reaching out to you soon to find out how I can help you!

In preparation (just kidding!) I’d like you to consider this question:

What fear stops you from doing the thing you love?

As always …

#LiveYourOwnLife #LiveUpToYourOwnExpectations

Now go dare greatly and live up to your own expectations!

Photo credit: © 2013 Gerdi Verwoert