Want to hear yourself think? Then slow down!

DGC | Slow down

When I bring people into the mountains for a hiking adventure on which strive to relax and find some peace of mind, many have a hard time slowing down.

Their usual pace is so high, they’ve forgotten how to go slow. They’re sprinting through life as if they are Usain Bolt!

They set off at a pace they’re used to only to find that as soon as the trail starts to climb, they start breathing heavily with their heart almost beating out of their chest.

Not long after they’re battling sore legs, side stitches and just plain fatigue.

Of course mountain hiking done that way is no fun!!

How can you slow your mind down, when every fibre in your body hurts?

How do you immerse yourself in nature, when all you think about is the struggle for another breath and another step?

Simple! You won’t!

Whether in the mountains or anywhere else, when you want to find peace of mind you have to slow down!

A slower mental pace often starts with a slower physically one. It really can be that simple.

Try it sometime. Walk slowly. Breath in deep into your diaphragm. Take in your surroundings. Let your mind not just wander but also wonder. You’ll be surprised by how it will make you feel.

And if you want to join me for a daring trekking adventure, you know where to find me.

As always….

Go dare greatly