The scary stories you tell yourself are part of why you don’t dare greatly

Dare Greatly | Scary stories

Isn’t it curious how good we are at dispensing advice to those around us and how hard it is for us to follow that very advice?

How you can see someone needs to take time out to unwind and come back to themselves?

How you can encourage someone to take steps to change the way they work and live, but not see those are the very steps you yourself have to take?

How life has to smack you around the head for you to realise it’s time to make the very changes you’ve been encouraging others to make?

Why do you keep putting off dealing with your unhappiness, when your alarm bells have been ringing for quite some time?

Could it be because of the scary stories you’re telling yourself?

The stories in which you can’t take time for yourself, because that would only lead to more work piling up?

The stories in which changing the way you live and work can only lead to the brink of disaster?

You are so good at making up stories about terrible things that may happen when you were to take action that takes you outside your comfort zone.

So good in fact that you likely will decide to not take action at all. And with that, ignore your own advice.


Have you ever noticed that these stories almost never turn out as bad as they were in the telling?

How, when you ignore them and take action anyway, more often than not you look back and wonder what all the fuss was about?

So what has to happen before you will make the changes you encourage others to make?

What will be the moment that life smacks you around the head?

When will you choose you? When will you dare greatly?

As always….

Go dare greatly!

Photo credit: mskathrynne via Pixaybay