The Find What Life Is About Course

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The Find What Life Is About Course

Imagine being able to say … I know exactly how I want to live my life … What my purpose is …

Imagine being able to say … I live the life I want because I know what my life is about!


Knowing what you don’t want is easy, but how about what you do want?

Actually, knowing what you don’t want is a pretty good place to start. At least you know what you want your life to be like, is different from how it is now.

Until now you’ve likely mostly followed paths you were “supposed” to follow. “Supposed to” because you made life choices based upon what family and society expected, not upon what you genuinely wanted.

Now you want to find out how you want to live your life! And you know one thing already!

You want to live a life that is about something: a life with purpose.

A virtual mountain hike

The course is designed as a virtual mountain hike. As you dive into the content of the course you’ll be transported into the mountains. There you’ll go through the process the clients I bring into the actual mountains with me go through.

While on this hike we’ll cover:

  • How to identify and leave behind limiting beliefs and old patterns
  • How to discard old roles and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • How to lay the foundation of your life’s purpose
  • How to set strong boundaries
  • How to define your life purpose
  • How to create a plan to realise that purpose

Taking Time Out

Taking actual time out from your usual environment —  I believe — is the best way to go through this process. It’s why I normally bring my clients into Nature. A space where they are disconnected from everything for a while and can use that time to focus entirely on themselves and the questions they are looking to answer.

I also realise that’s not always possible. It’s why you’ll be taken on a virtual mountain hike.

You’ll experience the mountains and take the steps I normally take the people through that come into Nature with me, without actually having to go there.

Throughout the course you’ll do a series of exercises that will help you to identify your life’s purpose and ultimately leads to a plan you can periodically review and update as you need to.

What’s your investment?

Your investment in this course is € 69 and includes

  • 8 Brief videos explaining one step in the process and an exercise. They will be sent to you over the course of 8 days, but feel free to go through them at your own pace
  • 8 Audio files when you prefer listening to watching videos
  • 8 Downloadable PDF’s to go with each video with exercises to help you go through each step of the process
  • Lifetime Membership of my private Facebook Group ‘What Life Is About’ where I’ll do regular check-ins, Q&A’s and more. You’ll also find a community there of like-minded people to share experiences with and learn from. People who will support and cheer you on as you walk your own path through life
  • half hour live check-in call after you’ve received the final video to inspire you and help you stay on the path