Take Charge of Your Life ebook

Taking charge of your life can seem a big and scary thing to do.

But when you’re done with constantly having feelings like anger, resentment and frustration towards people whose expectations you seem to be constantly living up to, that could be exactly what you need to do.

There’s nothing wrong with living up to other people’s expectations as long as those expectations are in line with what is important to you. It’s when they don’t line up that those negative emotions can start building up and can lead to all kinds of problems. Problems in relationships with those people. Even physical and mental health problems.

Take Charge of Your Life

When you’ve read through all the way here, you are probably someone who wants to live your life in line with what is truly important to your; to be grounded in, what I like to call, your  E S S E N C E. In other words: to be grounded in your core values.

As I mentioned at the top, taking charge of your life can be a big and scary thing to do. And because it can seem so big, it can be challenging to start.

Take easy steps

I’ve identified and brought together 50 easy steps you can take to start taking charge of your life. Each of these steps will bring you a little bit closer to a life lived grounded in your core values; in the essence of you.

You can pick and choose those steps that appeal to you most or you can take on each and every one of them.

Whichever option or step you choose, be sure to take them seriously. By taking them seriously you’ll find change will happen and because of  your life will take on new meaning.

So take on this process as you would take on hiking to a mountain top! One small step at the time!