Take time out

Time out | Photo by Christopher Windus via Unsplash

Taking time for yourself is of the utmost importance when you want to keep your vision alive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a vision for your life, your business or both. Without you taking time for you, it is not unlikely that your vision will die a slow but certain death.

We all have said something along the lines “I really must MAKE time out to …”. I’m sure you have too. But did you actually TAKE time? Probably not.

It’s so easy to get drawn into the DO-ing of everyday life. All the obligations that come with family and work. Even more obligations when you build and run a business.

Slowly your vision gets moved to the back burner. Not intentionally; it’s just that all those other things take up so much of your time.

If you don’t pay enough attention to it, you run the risk of loosing sight of it altogether.

To not let that to happen, you have to TAKE time for you!

Break out of the vicious DO-ing circle. Go where you can slow down, get clarity, dream and be inspired again.

Because if trying to re-ignite your vision in your usual environment hasn’t worked yet, stepping into a different one might just give you exactly the different perspective you need.

As always …

Go dare greatly


P.S.: To give you a ‘live’ taste of taking time out can be like when you come the mountains with me, I’m bringing the Austrian Alps to London’s Richmond Park!

On Sept. 7, 2019 I’ll be conducting the Re-Ignite Your Vision workshop in London’s Richmond Park. This workshop is for you when …

You once had an inspired vision for your life and/or business but now find yourself a frustrated DO-er

You can’t remember your vision or perhaps didn’t know you had one, but now want to find out what it is

You could seriously do with a time-out to re-kindle the fire in your belly and re-ignite your vision

You really need fresh inspiration, inspired creativity and focus

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