Slow Down

Do you ever slow down long enough to get your mind to slow down too? 

In October Jo Courtney of Inner Synergy and I did just that when we went to Cornwall for a 3-day trek along the South West Coast Path.

3 Days of focusing our thinking brain on how we move through the challenging terrain of the Cornish coast. 3 Days of letting energy that wasn’t being used to keep our thinking brains in over-drive be used to reboot our creative brains.

Looking out over the Atlantic. © Gerdi Verwoert 2019
Looking out over the Celtic Sea / Atlantic ocean. © Gerdi Verwoert 2019

3 Days of quiet contemplation and inspiration.

I often talk about the benefits of slowing down and its benefits. But how do you actually do it? I go deeper into that in the video below.

Slow Down | © Gerdi Vewoert 2019

As always …

Go dare greatly