Practising self-care when over-stressed

It has never been so clear as it has been since the corona virus took over our lives: nurses are the backbone of health care. They put caring for other people’s loved ones before spending special moments with their own.

When you’re a nurse and taking care of others is your vocation, it is easy to neglect the most important person of all: You! Which is why compassion fatigue, stress and burnout are on the rise among healthcare workers.

I was excited to sit down with Elaina Mullery of Happy Nurse AU to talk about how as, often over-stretched, health care workers you can practice self-care through connecting with Nature. Even when time is limited and you don’t have Nature at your doorstep.

Not just for healthcare workers

Obviously, you don’t have to be a healthcare worker to benefit from tuning in. Self-care is important for everyone.

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