Never too old

Photo: Dan Porter

She’d been in her career for 20+ years. Every few years she’d have spells of having to face the truth: she didn’t love or even like her career or her life. She’d read or hear about how “you’re never too old”, but ….

Those spells were rather frightening to her. She couldn’t – or didn’t want to – find the answer to the question, “If not this, than what?” What if the answer would force her to leave the safety of her unhappy but comfortable life?

As she grew older those spells became more frequent and the need to find the answer more urgent. But now another question was added into the mix: “Am I not too old to change direction?”

So she went on living an outwardly
successful life of comfort and familiarity.

Until she was forced to look at what the rest of her life would be like. And she knew that continuing along the same path was scarier than not taking a shot at a life that could make her happy.

She was 45 when she finally took that shot and 10 years later she can honestly say she has never regretted it.

I know this, because I am her.

What have you been telling yourself you’re too old for?

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi