Hi, I’m Gerdi! A former project manager, consultant and interim manager with 20+ years of experience in the Dutch corporate world. Living in that male dominated world, I learned to be strong and self-reliant (all without sacrificing empathy).

I found that I was always more interested in the people involved than the projects themselves. What was driving them? How could I best serve them? Throughout my entire corporate career I was training, mentoring, managing and supporting people.

I didn’t know it the time, but my calling was already showing through.

I started wondering if my life was truly meaningful, but instead of making a change, I pushed those ponderings back down. Until I no longer could.

By that point, I’d reached my 40’s. Both my body and my mind were starting to shut down. I was seriously overweight, perpetually tired, and constantly on the brink of illness. I finally reached burn out, and there’s no clearer stop sign than that.

It was time to think about what was really important.

I was lucky enough to connect with some amazing therapists and coaches, and they helped me find those answers I craved.

I wanted freedom and independence.

I wanted to guide and teach others.

I wanted to spend time in nature.

None of which abounded in my corporate career.

So I quit. Yes, just like that! I took myself to Austria, and started guiding hikes into the mountains.

During those hours in the wilderness, people started opening up to me in ways they never usually would.

The act of hiking was a healing, mind-clearing experience for them, as it was for me.

Those conversations connected me with my calling. I knew I wanted to teach, to guide, to coach. I also knew that the mountains had a part to play.

Listen to my interview on the Plant Trainers Podcast with Shoshana & Adam Chaim where we talk about the Power of Hiking, especially Mountain Hiking!
Dare Greatly Coaching | PlantTrainers Podcast episode 121Click on the image
to listen to the interview:

Working with me means digging deep. It means being totally honest with yourself. It means accepting challenges, and overcoming confrontation. I don’t pull punches. I’m very direct. I have great empathy, but I can’t help but call bullsh*t when I see it.

Figuring out what living your fullest potential looks like doesn’t mean you have to quit your job.

It doesn’t mean you have to emigrate, or spend the rest of your life hiking the mountains with me (although you’re more than welcome to!)

This is all about integrating your dreams into your waking life.

So are you ready to get rid of other people’s expectations and embrace your freedom?!


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3 Things I Got From TED-talks That Continue To Inspire Me

Brené Brown on Vulnerability


Brené Brown’s famous talk (it has been viewed over 24 million times) on the power of vulnerability and how her research into that subject has changed the way she lives her life, has changed and still is changing my life too. 

Since I first watched her talk, I’ve gone on to read many if not yet all of her books with the express purpose of applying the lessons she teaches to myself and my life. It has been making a significant positiv impact on my life.

Rosamund & Benjamin Zander on New Possibilities


Dare Greatly Coaching | The Art of Possibility

As a TED-talk fan I regularly check their feed for interesting new talks and ideas. That’s how, many years ago, I came across Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and his talk about the transformative power of (classical) music.

It led me to this book about looking at possibilities and the way they can transform one’s life in a way that is totally different from what I had been used to.

  • The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life
  • Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander
  • ISBN 978-0-14-200110-3

Leonard Bernstein Giving It Away


Always interested in inspired and inspiring leadership, Itay Talgam’s TED-talk on the different ways great conductors lead caught my attention.

Towards the end of his talk Talgam says that to be a really good leader you have to be willing to give it away, which is all about serving those you lead by enabling them to live up to their fullest potential.

In this video (of which Talgam shows the final 90 seconds) famous conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein shows what giving it away can look like