Do you make the most of the lockdown?

Reflecting on life somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains (CA, USA) | © Gerdi Verwoert 2014

As we’re coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, many want to return to what they think of as ‘normal life’. But do they really want to? Do you really want to?

Though the reason for the worldwide lockdown was a very serious one, I never considered COVID-19 or the lockdown it caused the disaster so many considered it to be.

Instead, it seemed to me it offered us an amazing opportunity to reflect on the way we were living our lives before the corona crisis struck.

(Side note: before you start sending me angry messages that I’m disparaging the very real suffering of those who contracted or even died from this virus. I’m very aware of and deeply empathise with that reality. I simply believe it’s not the only reality.)

Taking time out to reflect is an important step in any journey. The journey of life is no different.

I am fortunate enough to have Nature at my doorstep. I was even more fortunate than probably most to be able to go on long hikes there as most of the world was in almost complete lockdown.

Much of my time on those hikes was spent reflecting on how I wanted to come out of this time of forced ‘life on hold’.

Making the most of the lockdown

Do you make the most of the lockdown and take time to reflect on your life and how you want to move forward?

Regularly taking time to reflect is an important step in any journey and the journey of life is no different.

The banks of a mountain lake are just the place to do that.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What have I learned so far?
  • What went right / as expected?
  • What turned out to be different?
  • How did I handle those situations?
  • How can I improve on that?
  • What are important lessons I can apply to the journey that lies ahead?
  • What am I carrying with me (expectations, assumptions, convictions, relationships, etc.) that no longer serves me?
  • How do I want to move forward?

Only continue towards your destination when you’ve evaluated every aspect of your journey so far.

Only continue when you’ve recharged your batteries.

Only continue after you’ve consciously enjoyed where you are in your journey!

And always remember …

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it’s the journey that matters, in the end” — Ursula K. Le Guin

As always …

Go dare greatly!

— Gerdi