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Day #01

Where are you now?

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We all are expected to live up to certain expectations. That starts at a really young age.

We’re toddlers if not younger when parents start teaching us how we are expected to behave. Very quickly we learn what the right way is and what the wrong way of doing things is.

And it’s not just parents who put expectations upon us. All family members do this (as we do it to them too) – everyone from siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

That’s just the start.

Then we go to school and we are presented with a whole new set of expectations. This time it’s teachers and classmates.

I’m sure you get the drift. All through life we are taught to live up to people’s expectations and rewarded for it. It is only on rare occasions that we get asked what expectations we have for ourselves.

Is it therefore any wonder that so many of us have no real idea what it is that we expect for ourselves?

Before we will figure that out, let’s first identify the most important expectations you’ve been taught to live up to.

CLICK HERE to download the Day #01 PDF


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