Dare Greatly Coaching | Dream life master class

….and start living it!

Even if you don’t know yet what it is you want to be doing!

In the »Live Your Own Life Master Class« I will teach you the steps you can take that will help you LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE and stop only living the life others expect of you!

Dare Greatly Coaching | LYOL 5-day challenge

Hi, I’m Gerdi! A former project manager, consultant and interim manager. I have 20+ years of experience in the Dutch corporate world I now put to good use as a Live Your Own Life Coach and Certified Mountain Guide.

If you’re ready to really figure this thing called life out, I will give you access to the whole process I used to live my own life. The very same process I work take my clients through when they want to find out how they can live their own life too!

We start on MONDAY 2nd OCTOBER! Scroll on down to see what you will learn…

Early bird special - € 280 instead of € 350

Live Your Own Life Master Class
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Here is what you will discover in the Master Class:

  • How you want to live YOUR life
  • How starting to do that doesn’t have to mean making big dramatic and scary life changes
  • How to use your experience, knowledge, talents and abilities towards creating the life you want
  • Why 99% of people only dream of living their own life
  • How to be among the 1% of people who take action
  • Actionable steps to begin living your life purpose
  • You will be given the insight & tools to be able to live your own life without throwing out all you’ve achieved in life so far

You’ll receive the tools to help you to:

  • Get clarity on where you’re starting from
  • Get clarity about your core life values
  • Discover limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and how to overcome them
  • Define your dream life and map it out so you are clear on what you are working towards
  • Get clear on how to bridge the gap between then and now
  • Formulate a clear plan to find out your dream life and how to live it
  • Put a strategy in place for overcoming potential obstacles

So how does it work?

Over the course of 3 weeks every workday you’ll get an email with the assignment for that day.

Each assignment covers a subject or step (or a part of it) that I work on with my one-on-one clients in regular and intensive coaching sessions.

I’m giving you access to the core of my 1:1 coaching program – without the benefit of regular one-on-one coaching sessions.

Instead of those coaching sessions you will be given access to a secret Facebook group. A group only for people who participate or have participated in the LYOL Master Class.

There you can share experiences, find and give support, be inspired by as well as inspire others.

Of course I’ll be present in the group myself too – to cheer everyone on, to answer any questions and do a weekly Q&A session.


When you sign up, you will also receive one 45 minute (free) coaching session with me (VALUE € 250) to get 1:1 support and action steps to live your own life.

**This session will take place at least 2 but no more than 4 weeks after the conclusion of the Master Class!**

Early bird special - € 280 instead of € 350

Live Your Own Life Master Class
Use discount code ‘LYOLMC17’ to get 20% OFF REGULAR PRICE