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Escape The Grind Of Every Day Life And Re-Ignite Your Vision!!

I’m Gerdi, Dare Greatly Coach & Guide

Normally I guide non-conformist creatives, visionairies, change makers, etc., who have become stuck in the frustrating DO-ing of every day life and work, into the quiet, expansive mountains of the Austrian Alps where they can Re-Ignite Their Vision.

By taking them out of their usual environment, away from all the noise and busyness, and bringing them into one that is completely different, I help them break out of the grind of daily life. I bring them into a space that is quiet, vast, expansive, timeless and inspiring.

Exactly what they need to re-kindle their fire, their passion that has been dying a bit more each day as day-to-day life and business took over.

I can’t take you up mountains in London, but I can bring you to Richmond Park!

Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve, only a stone’s throw away from the heart of London and the former hunting ground of Henry VIII.

It even has a couple of hills and is still home to a lot of wildlife, including hundreds of fallow and red deer.

This workshop is for you when …

✴ You once had an inspired vision for your life and/or business but now find yourself a frustrated DO-er

✴ You could seriously do with a time-out to re-kindle the fire in your belly and re-ignite your vision

✴ You really need fresh inspiration, inspired creativity and focus

We’re going to dive deep into …

✴ The roles you have in your life

✴ Explicit and implicit expectations

✴ Your and your business’ core values

✴ Boundaries, what are yours and how do you maintain them

✴ The vision you want to re-ignite

We will spend the morning close to Richmond Park in the beautiful Richmond Harbour Hotel & Spa.

But since much of what I do is about taking people into nature and have them reconnect with themselves while there, we will spend a big part of the afternoon in Richmond Park.

After all, it’s the closest we can get to real Nature while still in the middle of a big metropolis!

You’ll bring what you learn, the clarity you get in the first part of the workshop, with you into the park and add an extra dimension to the experience of the day.


Are you ready to stop struggling through the quick mire of daily life
and finally take time-out to re-ignite your vision? When yes, you don’t want to miss this!

Re-Ignite Your Vision! Take Time-Out!