Reduce stress. Connect with Nature, part 2: Listen to sounds of Nature

Photo: Mountain landscape by IJsbrand Cosijn Fotografie

In preparation for an interview in April (watch the replay), I created a list of simple self-care tips that help reduce stress by connecting to Nature.

One of them was listening to the sounds of Nature. Especially when you don’t have access to the great outdoors.

After all, when you live in a city sounds of Nature can easily be drowned out. And though in some areas animals are roaming the city skies and streets, the natural sounds are probably still far less diverse than they are in the outdoors.

That’s where some great YouTube channels come to the rescues.

Johnnie Lawson's YouTube channel

1.) Johnnie Lawson

Searching out tranquil, quiet places in nature Johnnie Lawson strives to capture the sense of beauty and tranquillity of each location in sound and vision.

His videos and recordings provide a deep sense of peace and calm. They take you far away from the stresses of everyday life.

The Silent Watcher YouTube channel

2.) The Silent Watcher

Peter Paunchev creates sound recordings to help in healing and re-balancing of the mind, body and spirit through the experience of moments of peace, clarity and relaxation.

According to Peter the videos can also help with insomnia, to help with focus and concentration while working, studying, meditating and so on.

I personally like them as relaxing background for when I’m meditating.

Virtual Ambiance YouTube channel

3.) Virtual Ambiance

The people of Virtual Ambiance strive to create recordings of such incredible quality that — when you close your eyes — you could think you’re somewhere in a remote spot listening to the sounds around you.

From the sound of a crackling campfire to that of a raging thunderstorm. All that is missing is the smell of burning wood or the feeling of the hairs on your arms standing on end.

austinstrunk YouTube channel

4.) austinstrunk

With recordings of ambient sounds ranging from 1 to 10 hours, there is a recording of Nature’s sounds for everyone on this channel.

The process to create the recordings and videos is described in detail. Showing clearly how much effort and love is put into them.

Be sure to browse the playlists where videos are helpfully sorted by the kind of sound recordings and their purpose.

RainbirdHD YouTube channel

5.) RainbirdHD

High Definition videos of rain, weather and Nature sounds. Most of them recorded in Florida, US.

Sit back and relax to the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. On RainbirdHD you find videos for sleeping, stress relief, relaxation, meditation, yoga and more.

Which of these channels is your favourite?

As always …

Go dare greatly!