The Daring Self-Leadership & the Nature Connection Launch Event

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Introducing the ‘Daring Self-Leadership & The Nature Connection’ podcast

Conversations that help you become the (self)leader you are meant to be; (re)connected with yourself and Nature

To be a leader you first have to be a self-leader; a leader of yourself! That means you have to be connected to yourself, to know yourself and to live in alignment with your core values.

And I firmly believe we can’t be truly connected to ourselves when we are not also connected to Nature.

This new podcast offers you — busy (female) managers and executives whose life has become all about work — conversations that help you become the self-leader you want to be; (re)connected with yourself and with Nature.

The first 5 guests, from left to right: Rachel Woods, Fi Macmillan, Helen Fraser, Jo Baldwin Trott and João Perre Viana

The guests on the podcast all have been where you are. Their lives too had become (almost) all about work. They too realized there is more to life than work alone.

Like you, they looked for ways to restore balance and bring more of what is truly important to them into their lives. In short, they wanted to step (back) into their self-leadership. 

They share their stories as well as tips, tools, strategies and resources that can help you do the same.

They are just like you and me. What they all have in common is they find Nature, connect with Nature wherever they are. And that connection with Nature is an integral part of who they are and therefore often of what they do as well.

What’s happening?

  • 8.00 – 8.05 PM — Welcome

  • 8.05 – 8.20 PM — Episode #1: Introducing the ‘Daring Self-Leadership & the Nature Connection’ podcast



  • 8.20 – 8.25 PM — Short break

  • 8.25 – 8.40 PM — Impressions Of A Virtual Mountain Trek

    DSLNC Virtual Mountain Trek





  • 8.40 – 9.00 PM — Q&A and prize draw

What you can win

Live your Best Life


Finding out what that your Best Life is all about and then start living in alignment with it, means you become a leader in your own life. Or as I like to call it: you become an authentic self-leader.

The ‘Find What Life Is About’ self-guided program is a virtual mountain trek designed to help you figure out what is truly important to you. A trek much like the actual mountain treks I bring my clients on. But instead of an actual hiking experience, I’ll take you on a virtual mountain hiking trek.

It’s designed so you can create a life in line with your most important values and step into your self-leadership while also (re)connecting you with Nature.

It’s designed to help you become an authentic leader in your own life and inspire others to become leaders in theirs.

It’s designed to help you carve out your own path through life as you live your Best Life.

Over the course of 8 days you will receive 8 brief videos. (Audio-only versions of the content are also provided.)

As the videos bring you along on the virtual trek we’ll cover:

  • Day 1 – things that cause you stress
  • Day 2 – your roles and beliefs
  • Day 3 – letting go
  • Day 4 – things truly important to you
  • Day 5 – the foundation of your purpose
  • Day 6 – setting strong boundaries
  • Day 7 – your life purpose
  • Day 8 – how to go on from here