Just because it’s a safe choice doesn’t mean it’s the right one

Dare Greatly Coaching | Irrational fear

She went with the safe choice pretty much all of her life.

After studying a safe major she landed her first real job. She figured she’d stick with it for a year or 2 while she figured out what she really wanted to do with her life. But she never did.

Two years became three. Then four! Five! 10! 15!

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As the years went by she steadily climbed the career ladder. Not because she wanted to, but because it seemed the right – and safe – thing to do. Besides, it felt good to be appreciated and the money was good too.

While she progressed in her career she grew increasingly unhappy. Becoming ever more aware she didn’t like her job or her life, but being too scared to make any changes.

Until her body interfered, told her “ENOUGH!” and then completely shut down.

Until her fear of staying at (or worse returning to) the bottom of the dark hole that was her burnout was greater than her fear of making changes in her life and work.

That’s when she finally broke out of the endless circle of negative thinking.

“I really don’t like my work. I really don’t like my life. I wish I knew what I wanted instead. I should be happy with the work and life I have. Others would be!”

Taking small and tentative steps first she made small changes.

She cut back on the number of hours she worked.

She spoke up when others put too many or too big demands on her and her time.

Ever more often she made conscious life decisions instead of letting life happen to her.

Slowly but gradually she felt more secure in making different choices; less safe perhaps but her own!

Slowly but gradually she started living and working as she wanted to.

She got better at listening to her Inner Self and it’s messenger, her body.

She’s learning to ignore her Inner Voice, not always succeeding but getting better at it every day.

Taking small steps she started living and working as she wanted to, becoming much happier in the process.

And while on this journey she learned some important lessons

1) Safe choices aren’t always the right choices

2) Your Inner Voice may be loud but often comes from a place of irrational fear

3) Irrational fear seldom is a wise counsellor

4) Listen to your Inner Self. She is wiser than your Inner Voice

5) Listen to your body. She’s a messenger sent by your Inner Self

6) Small steps can affect huge changes and enable you to live & work as you want to

What small steps will YOU take to start living and working as you want to?

As always….

Go dare greatly!

Photo credit: Pioneer Gear (Unsplash)