Is your 2017 dangerously shaping up to look like last year?


At the end of last year you decided on a major resolution for 2017: this will be the year you finally stop living up just to other people’s expectations. This will be the year you start living your own life!

But now the year is well under way and things are looking dangerously similar to all the years that went before.

January has gone by already and you’ve found yourself caught up in life. Busy with other things, while that major resolution of yours is fading into the background.

“But …”, you say, “… at work things have been really busy. I haven’t forgotten about my resolution. Now that project X is done, I’ll find time for it.”

I’ve told myself the same thing more times than I care to remember.

It’s why I’m here to tell you, you’ll never find the time to devote to your big resolution. There will always be another project X. Or a family obligation. Or …

Whether it is work, friends, family or life in general. There will always be things to distract us from realising our resolutions. And mostly because we let them!

We commit to doing things that are not taking us closer to the goal we set ourselves.

We say “yes” when asked to do something without pausing to consider if it is contributing to realising our resolution.

We don’t know how or where to start. Instead of figuring that out we never start at all.

When we do know where to start, we let fear of failing stop us thereby ensuring the very thing we’re frightened off: failure!

I’m more familiar with doing this than I care too admit, which is why I know you are doing it too!

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And it’s why your 2017 is dangerously shaping up to look like last year!

But it’s not too late!

There is still time to go back to your one major, all important resolution and start to TAKE ACTION NOW!

There is still time to move through your fears and make sure this year will be different from the last!!

So, take a deep breath, settle your nerves and start making sure 2017 will be different from all the years that went before.

#LiveYourOwnLife #LiveUpToYourOwnExpectations

Now go dare greatly and live up to your own expectations!

P.S. It is time to help yourself as you’ve helped others! Make 2017 the year you finally allow yourself to start living your own life!

Photo credit: Gerdi Verwoert