I’m not a hypocrite! (but I came close)

Dare Greatly Coaching | I'm not a hypocrite

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been absent for about a month. With a lot more tenacity and determination than was good for me or my work, I had spent months working on my coaching business. Taking no real time off. Slowly working my way toward the very mental state I swore I’d never be in again: burnout!

Luckily for me the ladies in the Mastermind group I’m in, held up a mirror and asked me what I’d recommend any of my clients do were they in the same state of mind

Easy….. I’d tell them to take a step back, regroup and refocus. Talk about a light bulb moment!!

Here I was telling people how important it is to take time to do the things that light you up, while totally not doing so myself. I was being hypocritical and I almost didn’t see it.

Thank goodness for the people around me who held up that mirror!! After all, I really don’t want to be a hypocrite! But I was ‘this’ close to becoming one!!!

Time I took some of my own medicine!

I stepped all the way back. Doing only the bare minimum for Dare Greatly Coaching. Keeping up with other work that helps pay the bills.

Taking time for things I love doing but had fallen by the wayside more than I care to admit.

Taking time to figure out where I was with Dare Greatly Coaching and where I want to go.

So I went off on a 4-day trekking tour by myself, seeing almost no one else and having lots of time to think.

Then I spent time with family vacationing here in Austria and followed by more family staying just over the border in Italy. (I know, my life is terrible 😄😉)

It took me about a month and more hiking, but I’ve come out of my self-imposed ‘downtime’ with a lot more clarity.

I’m still determined to make a success out of Dare Greatly Coaching. Working on and in it with the same or even more drive and enthusiasm, but without pushing myself to or even over the brink of burnout.

Keep an eye out people, because I’m back!!

As always….

Go dare greatly!