When it comes to milestone moments in our life I agree with Bear Grylls …

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Taking regular MTD’s (‘Me Time Day’) is an important part of my life. They suffered a bit since January though as my perfectionist side took over. To be very honest, I hadn’t done proper MTD’s at all!!

Which is not good! Actually it is bad and not the example I want to set for you guys!

It goes against one of the biggest promises I made myself. Not just that, it goes against one of my basic values: regularly having fun while out in the mountains.

Stress was building up and though I knew what my particular cure is, I needed my mastermind sisters to step in.

Them telling me what I already knew helped me to follow my own advice:

Schedule regular MTD’s!

Not only that. They are my accountability partners making sure I actually do what I say I will do.

So Sunday was the first of many scheduled MTD’s. I used it to hike to a nearby mountain top with a friend.

We may have been rather ambitious in deciding to take on a ~1,200m ascent (about 3,940ft) and descent. It didn’t help my mental state that the final stretch to the summit seemed to Go On FOREVER!!!


Reaching the summit and getting to enjoy this view made everything worthwhile! To top it all off we got to look a griffon vulture in the eye as it soared past us at, yes, eye level!! Never before have I been so close to such a majestic, wild bird of prey. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Having reached this milestone I was again reminded of how similar mountain hiking is to live!

Getting to milestones we’ve set ourselves can be a struggle and sometimes seem impossible. When we keep going, when we push ourselves and perhaps even step outside of our comfort zone, we prove to ourselves what we are capable of.

“The summit moments in life are always worth the battles of  the valleys …”

There is nothing like mountain hiking if you want to gain a new perspective on life. After each bend in the trail, you’re presented with a slightly different view. That view is as incredible as the one you saw only minutes ago.

Once again you realise how big, strong and enduring those mountains are.

You also realise you’re – in a sense – conquering those very mountains!

In doing so you come to realise, you CAN live your own life! You CAN figure out what you want that life to look like!

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective!

As always …

Go dare greatly!

Photo: Zwölfer summit (2,446m), NP Hohe Tauern (Austria) | © 2017 Gerdi Verwoert