201911366 - DGH Hike safely

How To Safely Hike Mountains [Video Series]

Learn how to hike safely mountains (or any other part of nature for that matter), so you too can immerse yourself in Nature.

Release all the stress from work. Be free from computer, tablet and phone. Surround yourself with endless natural beauty.

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Introduction to how to hike mountains safely

Tip #1 - Choose a popular trail

Tip #2 - Research your trail

Tip #3 - Learn to read a map

Tip #4 - Arrange for backup

Tip #5 - Check weather reports

Tip #6 - Stick to the plan

Tip #7 - Bring a first aid kit

Tip #8 - Check your gear

Tip #9 - Leave earbuds at home

Tip #10 - Keep your phone charged

Tip #11 - How to signal an emergency

Tip #12 - Forget about your diet

Tip #13 - Pack more than you'll think you need

Tip #14 - Layer your clothes

Tip #15 - Bring enough water

Tip #16 - Use common sense

Tip #17 - Bring your dog

Tip #18 - Don't be scared of other hikers

Tip #19 - Trust yourself

Tip #20 - Take your time

Tip #21 - Pace yourself

Tip #22 - Enjoy yourself