How to start blazing your own trail despite being afraid

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I was unhappy in my project management & consultancy career. But I was afraid to let go because I knew what I had – steady income, a house, status, a car, a pretty big paycheck, a pension fund,… What would I be in for if I let go of all that and stepped into an uncertain future? I was afraid and I was stuck!

When I finally let go of that career and all it brought, I was still afraid, but at least I was no longer stuck!

I was still uncertain about my future, but I knew I deserved to be happy and the life I was living, the work I was doing didn’t make me so.

Of course, I didn’t just let go. I took a lot of little steps before I finally took the big one of letting go.

It certainly helped that the business unit I was working in was to be reorganised. It was the push in the back I needed to strike out on my own.

I started freelancing. Still in my old profession, but with a lot more freedom to decide how, when and where I wanted to work.

In all my years as an employee, I had always scoffed at the idea of freelancing, but now I found it quite liberating.

To my surprise, it also boosted my self-confidence.

I had always thought I’d be scared to not know where my next Euro would be coming from.

And in the beginning, I was. Until I wasn’t.

I learned to trust in myself and my ability to earn a living.

It gave me the courage to not only dream about, but actively work towards moving to the Austrian Alps.

As I worked as a freelancer I explored ideas and possibilities to live and work in Austria.

Until – four years into my freelancing career – I decided the time had come.

I moved to the Austrian Alps!

Living in the mountains, spending much of my time in those mountains, is so much better than living in an overcrowded country (the Netherlands), working in an office or standing in traffic while trying to get to another meeting.

Doing what I love – coaching, guiding, teaching – in surroundings that are not suffocating me brings me so much more joy than project management or consultancy ever did.

So yes! Letting go of the steady job, the successful career meant a lot of uncertainty and it often still does.

So no! It isn’t as easy as getting a steady paycheck and knowing I’m steadily contributing to my pension fund.

Still, I’m glad I got that little push in the back and found the courage to do what I dreamed of doing.

I’m glad I found the courage to let go and start blazing my own trail despite my fears.

Your turn! What fears are keeping you from living the life you want to live? From blazing your own trail?  

Share your thoughts below and let me know. Be as specific as you can when you share your thoughts. Other people, Trailblazers like you, will be inspired by your ideas and actions.

Thank you for reading and adding your voice to the conversation.

As always…

Go dare greatly!

Photo credit: Tommy Lisbin (Unsplash)