A Holiday Gift For You

A Holiday Gift
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2020 Is coming to an end and for many of us it’s been a challenging year. We never know exactly what a year will bring us, but 2020 has definitely raised the bar when it comes to the amount of uncertainty we get to face in any one year.

Like many of you I’m tired; I find this second lockdown decidedly harder to deal with than the first one.

But I’m also grateful. Grateful that everyone of my family members and friends has so far stayed healthy. Grateful that I get to spend time with my family after more than a year of not seeing them. Even if it is because of a medical, covid-unrelated, family emergency, that — thankfully — turned out to be a false alarm.

I’m grateful too for and to you and everyone I got to know through Dare Greatly Coaching and the wonderful world that can be the Internet.

So I want to bring 2020 to a close with a gift to you!

A 54% discount on the ‘Discover How To Live Your Best Life’ online program


You always have the freedom to make choices about how you live your life. Even when times are as challenging and uncertain as they are right now.

To claim that freedom you need to figure out what you want your life to be all about. And then resolve to actually live your Best Life.

How you can do that is what is covered in the ‘Discover How To Live Your Best Life’ 8-week online program.

Starting January 14, 2021 I will run a pilot version of this new program. Because it’s a pilot it’s offered at the incredible rate of € 653 instead of € 2,611.

As a thank you for sticking with me this year and because it’s the Holiday season when you enrol before 12 PM on 1 January 2020 you get a further discount of 54%.

Use the discount code BESTLIFE01-2020 to get the maximum discount and pay only € 299.

The discount is valid through 1 January, 2021 at 12 PM. That’s in …

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Live your Best Life

Wishing you and your loved ones hopefully wonderful Holidays and for 2021 nothing but the best.