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To truly enjoy life, be in control of it as much as possible. That is a real challenge when you’re a busy professional. When work has taken over most of your life, it can feel as though as real life is passing yjavascript:WPEditorWidget.updateWidgetAndCloseEditor(true);ou by. Discover the most important step to take back control of your life and start enjoying it again.

I used the exercises in this eBook on my own journey to get clear on what was really important to me and create more time for the things that bring me joy.

I needed to know what was truly important to me, what my core values are if I wanted to have more control in my life and be a leader — the leader — in my own life.

I needed to know this because being a successful consultant and project manager didn’t feel anywhere close to as good as I had always thought it would. Instead, it felt like I was just playing a part in someone else’s movie!

When you’re unhappily successful, because the life or career you’ve built for yourself doesn’t feel as dreamy as you thought it would …

When it feels like you’ve given up your identity, as though you’re playing a part in order to live up to everyone’s expectations …

When you’re exhausted because you no longer know what’s truly important to you and are trying to do it all …

Then knowing your core values will help you regain and maintain control over much of your life. And you can use them to create more time for the things that bring you joy.

Download this free e-book today and discover the most important step you can take to bring back joy into your life.