Take a break from your life and gift yourself
a 4-Day Dare Greatly Hiking Experience

Leave stress behind and relax in the awe inspiring scenery of
National Park Hohe Tauern

Dates upon request

Escape To The Mountains For A 4-Day Dare Greatly Hiking Experience In National Park Hohe Tauern



The itinerary can vary depending on weather and trail conditions as well as on the physical conditions of participants. Changing the itinerary lies entirely within the discretion and responsibility of the mountain hiking guide. Safety of all participants is our top priority!

Having said that this is what a typical itinerary for a Dare Greatly Hiking Experience can look like.

Day 0

You arrive in Austria at the hotel that will be your home base for the duration of your Hiking Experience. Depending on whether you opted for a 1-on-1 or a group Hiking Experience, this is where you’ll also get to know other group members. And of course I’ll be there too.

As people from all over the world participate in this program, you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

Day 1

The first day of your Hiking Experience we’ll spend slowly getting into the rhythm of mountain hiking.

We take a cable car up into the mountains to hike around a lake while enjoying the view of some of the 3,000m high peaks of Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. Depending on your fitness level we will include the summit of a smaller mountain peak (2,580m)

Day 2

Day 2 will provide a bit more of a challenge as today’s hike will now include an easy but rather long ascent to get to the main portion of today’s hike: a high alpine trail leading into the heart of the Austrian Alps.

Once on the trail it is an easy hike along the contours of the mountain towards the back of the valley. Stunning views of the surrounding mountains accompany us as we walk through mountain meadows where cows and horses spend their summers.

After a steep descent to the valley floor we follow the river back to the civilised world.

Day 3

We immerse ourselves in the almost fairy tale like and hidden beauty of a high alpine moor. A short ascent until we hit the plateau where this hidden treasure can be found.

A long break at the shores of a quiet lake before we go on.

We now have two options:

  • Should your muscles still be aching from yesterday’s hike we can decide to keep this one short and descent back into the valley
  • Or we can continue and hike further up to a large reservoir lake before we circle back and down to the valley below.

Day 4

Not just the final day of your Dare Greatly Hiking Experience but also a true highlight. After an early breakfast we’ll drive to the starting point of today’s hike.

Starting of with a relaxed first couple of kilometres we then come to a narrow but well-maintained trail that takes us to a mountain cabin in one of the most beautiful settings in the northern part of the national park. From there we’ll go on to summit a mountain top for a last awe inspiring view of the mountains before we descent back to the valley.

Day 5 / Extend your stay

After breakfast it’s time to say goodbye. It’s up to you whether you immediately travel home or extend your stay and discover more of Austria. Perhaps discover some of Italy too, since that is only a short drive south of us.

Dare Greatly Hiking Experience

Your investment
€ 7,750

For anyone who wants,  needs to escape – if only for a little while – their over-stressed life and find refuge from all its noise. Finally allow yourself to relax enough so you can come back to yourself and breathe again!


1-on-1 Coaching program tailored
to meet your needs & expectations

Daily 1-on-1 coaching sessions
(morning & evening)

4 days of full-time, in-person coaching access & support

4 day guided trekking tour

Follow up coaching call
(ca. 4 weeks afterwards)

2 nights in an excellent hotel

3 nights in mountain inns

All meals

Transportation from hotel to
starting point of trekking tour

Transportation from end point
of trekking tour to hotel

Tips & tricks on gear

“I was fortunate to have the pleasure of going on a [Dare Greatly Hiking] Trek with Dare Greatly Coaching. An unforgettable experience! The amazing thing about hiking with Gerdi is that if you take the time out to listen, really listen, to not only Gerdi’s great insight but to nature, to your soul, the answers come easily!”
-Kris Bridges, MI, USA | IT Specialist

“Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.”
-Tara Newman, NY, USA | Tara Newman Coaching