Daring Greatly In Cornwall

Years ago I envisioned myself one day taking someone on a coaching / hiking trek not just in Austria, but in other countries too.

Treks in beautiful countryside.

Countryside that is expansive and quiet.

Countryside in which I help my clients reconnect with themselves, their bodies and their vision as they slow down and find quiet within themselves.

Last month my vision became reality when I went on just such a trek on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall (UK).

This one was extra special because my friend and colleague Jo Courtney of Inner Synergy came along.

Not an experienced hiker (or walker as the English would say) she felt a bit daunted by the prospect of having to walk three days up and down the Cornish cliffs.

Daring greatly she decided to join me in spite of her trepidation and soon found she needn’t have worried!

Slowing down enabled her to find her own pace and once she’d found it, it was – to use her own words – as if “you’d given me my body back”.

Watch Jo talking about her experience in the video below.


As always …

Go dare greatly