Dare Greatly Hiking Trek Itinerary

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The itinerary can vary depending on weather and trail conditions as well as on the physical conditions of participants. Changing the itinerary lies entirely within the discretion and responsibility of the mountain hiking guide. Safety of all participants is our top priority!

Having said that this is what the itinerary looks like.

Day 0

You arrive in Austria at the hotel where you’ll spend your first night. Depending on whether you opted for a 1-on-1 or a group Trek Experience, this is where you’ll also get to know other trek members. And of course I’ll be there too.

As people from all over the world participate in this program, you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

Day 1

The first day of our trek we’ll spend slowly hiking up and into the mountains to get to the first mountain cabin / refuge where we’ll spend the night.

We pass through pristine alpine meadows and past clear mountain lakes. With a bit of luck we’ll see and hear mountain marmots as they warn the members of their family of our coming.

Day 2

After spending much of day 1 ascending the mountains, today is a relatively easy day because we spend most of it with hardly any ascending or descending.

It makes it easier to enjoy the spectacular and expansive views of the majestic mountains – many 3,000 metres high and higher – around us.

After a bit of a sneaky ascent at the tail end of this day, we get to spend the night in a spectacular location overlooking one of the most beautiful glaciers in Austria.

Day 3

Once we’ve finished breakfast and packed our lunches we descent towards the glacier. The trail takes us right up to it, so we get to enjoy it in close up after getting an overview of it yesterday.

Once on the other side of the valley that is cut in half by the glacier, we start a long but easy ascent towards a pass. Once there it’s a relatively short and easy last stretch to the cabin / refuge where dinner will be waiting for us.

Day 4

On our final day we close the circle and return to where the trek started. After having hiked pretty easy and clearly marked trails for the first 3 days, today we get to do quite a bit of boulder hopping.

After 3 days of developing your mountain hiking muscles this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

A final descent and we’re back where we started 4 days ago.

In the evening, during or after a celebratory dinner, we recapitulate experiences and lessons learned.

Day 5 / Extend your stay

After breakfast it’s time to say goodbye. It’s up to you whether you immediately travel home or extend your stay and discover more of Austria. Perhaps discover some of Italy too, since that is only a short drive south of us.

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