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Disconnect To Reconnect On A Dare Greatly Adventure
Imagine being in stunning scenery. Far away from your usual busy, stressful life.

You’ve had a restful night and an excellent breakfast. Now there’s nothing to do but pack the few belongings you brought with you in your backpack and get ready for another day of walking.

No phone calls, No emails. Just you and the elements in the heart of Nature while on a mini-sabbatical.

Taking time out just for you. Time to enjoy the quiet around you and have stillness settle within you. Time to focus on one thing only … your Self.

A Dare Greatly Adventure is about having time and space to reflect on things you might otherwise never explore.

It’s about reconnecting with your Self, your body and your vision.

It’s about slowing down in order to speed up.

It’s about sharing experiences with, learning from and supporting others who are on a journey similar to yours.

It’s about coming back to you!

(By the way, if you can go for 3-4 hour walks in the area where you live, your basic fitness level is good enough to consider taking part in a Dare Greatly Adventure or Experience)


Block 1

2021 Dates to be determined

Block 2

2021 Dates to be determined

Block 3

Got an idea for a good Dare Greatly Adventure location? Drop me a line!