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Dare To Be  H E R D*

All Inclusive 3 Day Trek in Nature

Join A Small Group of 8 Daring Rulebreakers:  17th – 20th October 2019

Walk along with the elements and the cycles of nature, over the South West Coastal Path in Cornwall.
(*No, that’s not a typo!)

Dare Greatly Coaching meets Inner Synergy to lead a small group of 8 on a 3 day trek.

Find your natural flow out in the elements:

  • Find your own pace
  • Take up your own space
  • Gain clarity on life questions
  • See clearness within the mind
  • Breathe and just BE

Jo and I will provide gentle facilitation, exercises and intuitive guidance. So other than booking, navigating your way to Cornwall (and some walking) – there is nothing to think about or do!

This is an ALL inclusive BEing experience with 2 very skilled coaches, each bringing in their own particular expertise.  Jo and I have got it, and we’ve got you.

The cost of BEing for 3 days is:   £1,704

This includes:

  • 3 nights in local B&B or hotel based on double occupancy
  • all meals (drinks not included)
  • small gift bag
  • transfer back to starting point at end of third day
  • 3 hikes from one accommodation to the next
  • coaching by 2 experienced coaches, Jo and Gerdi, each bringing in their own expertise.
    Coaching centred around the subjects mentioned above

(NOTE: All payments are taken through the Inner Synergy PayPal account)

About Us

Gerdi Verwoert

I’m a former consultant, project and facilities manager with 20+ years of experience in the corporate and consultancy world. After years of working hard in a career in which I was successful but unhappy, I found myself in the deep and dark ravine of a major burnout.

That was the start of my own journey to re-ignite the vision I had for my life.

Now I guide people who are visionaries, creatives and changemakers in life, business or both or those who need to adjust their priorities and values into quiet, expansive mountains. There I help them reclaim their Identity, regain Clarity and become Empowered once more as they Re-Ignite Their Vision.

The mountains are a magical place; uniquely suited to help us to slow down, be present and find the quiet needed for inspiration, creativity and rejuvenation.

There I help you ‘just BE’ as you discover fresh perspectives, new horizons and an abundance of opportunities as what you thought is important fades away and get back on the trail to realising Your Vision for life, business or both!

Jo Courtney

I’d like to say that I am the founder of the Inner Synergy System but in fact, it found me.

It’s been over 20 years in the making and began when I was living and working in London. At the time I thought I was happy but in reality I wasn’t connected to my life, it was as if I was living each day through clingfilm.

Sitting on the tube one day my body gave me a sharp slap around the face that made me sit up and listen and from that moment on a series of learning began!!!!

Coming back to myself, and life, was quite something. Everything I believed to be true came up to be questioned. Was it comfortable no? Did I feel out of my depth and completely lost most of the time – yes! But something spurred me on and looking back I wouldn’t change a minute.

The system and I continue to evolve together and we welcome anyone who wishes to join in.