201911366 - Climb Your Mountain COACHES

Climb Your Mountain Coaches 

Prepare for the uncertainty of post-pandemic life to better help your clients

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from 19 – 26 September 2021

One of the biggest challenges we’re all facing right now is how to deal with the uncertainty that post-pandemic life is filled with. It’s not just your own challenge, but also that of your clients.

When you as a coach want to help your clients manoeuvre through this next phase in their lives and careers, you must first learn to deal with your own uncertainties.

That’s exactly what Climb Your Mountain COACHES is for!

Program costs: € 1,495

Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants

5 Days of hiking from hut to hut in the Austrian Alps with other inspiring coaches but without a fixed agenda. We’re going with the flow!

Living life is like moving among mountains

Climb Your Mountain COACHES

When you think about it living life is surprisingly similar to moving among mountains

You know there will be valleys and summits along the way.

So you may think you know what to expect, but you never really do.

Trails may look straightforward on the map, but they’re seldom smooth or easy.

You can’t be sure what lies around the next bend.

You don’t really know how the weather will behave.

You can be sure of only one thing: the mountains and Mother Nature are full of surprises that can make your hike easy, hard and anything in between.

What better environment to learn to handle uncertainties?

9 Reasons why you should join Climb Your Mountain COACHES

1. Time to slow down, reflect and connect

2. 5 Days in the embrace of a stunningly beautiful landscape

3. Physical exertion. Mental rest

4. No phone, no laptop — a digital detox

5. Share experiences. Be inspired by your peers. Expand your network

6. (Re)connect with yourself as you explore your expectations, needs, fears and obstacles

7. (Re)Connect with Nature as you (re)connect with yourself and discover how it can help you maintain your balance — even during uncertain times

8. Prepare to help your clients deal with the uncertainties of life; learn to first deal with your own

Program costs: € 1,495

Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants

What can I expect from Climb Your Mountain COACHES?

Climb Your Mountain COACHES


  A safe, sacred space created and held in the mountains’ embrace

  No fixed agenda. Only the uncertainty of what may come up — We go with the flow

  Each participant brings only themselves and what they want to work on

  Each participant brings their experience as a coach

  Deep conversations about what Nature’s mirror shows us

  Learning to cope with life’s uncertainties through coping with the uncertainties of mountain hiking

  Tools to create and maintain a balanced life uniquely your own

  Lessons learned from and inspired by other coaches preparing to help their clients too

Spaces are limited to 8
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Program costs: € 1,495

Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants

What is included in Climb Your Mountain COACHES?

Climb Your Mountain COACHES


Climb Your Mountain COACHES is a 5-day hiking trek through the Austrian Alps designed to help you prepare for the uncertainty of post-pandemic life to better help your clients.

  Pre-walk orientation online session

  Time to be alone with your thoughts

  A digital detox

  2 Nights in a hotel or bed-and-breakfast

  4 Nights in (basic) mountain inns, including meals and non-alcoholic drinks

  Dinner on the night of arrival. Breakfast on the day of departure

  Certified professional coach & mountain hiking guide (mountain leader)

Not included
  Travel to and from first and last night accommodation

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Why a mountain trek?

Because we humans are as much part of Nature as dogs, birds, lions, fish and yes, even trees and mountains. We are not meant to live a life stuck inside offices and sitting down all the time, disconnected from Nature. We are meant to move and be connected with Nature.

Research has shown that our brains work differently when we move. Parts that are quiet when we sit or lie down become engaged and active.

Walking in Nature, among mountains especially, is a form of active inactivity. As you focus on your physical environment (active) the mind easily wanders (inactive). Walking helps us to think creatively, making finding answers to difficult questions, solving problems and much easier.

It is also an environment filled with challenges you’re likely unfamiliar with. An ideal environment to practice dealing with uncertainty as you — and your clients — are having to do in this (almost) post-pandemic life.

We’ll alternate between walking and being. Giving ourselves ample time to not just ‘move through’ but also ‘be in’ our surroundings.

Reaching your goals

My name is Gerdi Verwoert. I’m a certified professional coach as well as a certified mountain hiking guide who helps busy managers, executives and coaches go from a life taken over by work to a better-balanced life with time for themselves and the things important to them. A life in which they are the self-leader they are meant to be.

Guiding my clients into Nature where they more easily disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves is an important element in all my coaching programs. You see, I believe that since we are all part of Nature, you can only be connected with yourself when you’re connected with Nature as well.

Nature is my coaching partner, my co-conspirator. She offers us a place to rest, regenerate, play and explore.