Rewilding ourselves

RE-wilding ourselves

We are expected to fit ‘the mould’. To develop in a certain way; along a particular trajectory. Curbing our yearning to express ourselves in a way that’s unique to our character, circumstances and desires.

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Discover the Essence of You

Re-Discover the Essence of You

More authentic leadership is needed. Leadership that is grounded in mindfulness, selflessness and compassion instead of power, money and economic growth. That won’t come from the current world ‘leaders’. It, therefore, has to start with ordinary people like you and me!

How can we become such leaders? By first becoming leaders in our own life, living in line with our true selves, with our E S S E N C E, our core values.

»The Find What Life Is About Course« is designed to help you figure out what is truly important to you. So you can create a life that is in line with your most important values, your essence. So you can become an authentic leader in your own life.

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