Choose You!

With Paco | © Gerdi Verwoert 2010

For as long as I can remember I always wanted a dog. Always!

But there had always been good reasons to not get one.

Until I woke up to the fact there would always be more reasons to not get a dog.

That’s when I decided to finally get one.

I CHOSE to work less and live more. I started working part time (instead of 60-80 hour per week)

I CHOSE to create even more space in my life by dropping certain activities and take up others I could do with my dog instead (most notably hiking)

I CHOSE to fit my dog into my social obligations

In other words: I CHOSE to make changes in my life in order to do something I really wanted.

Paco lived to be almost 15 years old and we spent many happy hours on the trail together.

Without him I would never have discovered my love and passion for the mountains, found the courage to pursue my dream of living among them or of becoming a coach.


What do you dream of but have lots of reasons not to pursue?

What if (most of) your reasons are really excuses?

What will happen when you CHOOSE to no longer accept those excuses?

When you need support as you sift through your reasons, you know where to find me.

As always,

Go dare greatly