201911366 - DGH Best Life 01-B

Without Making Drastic Life Changes

Starts 14 January 2021 at 8 PM CET / 7 PM UK / 1 PM EST

max. group size 8 people — 7 Spots left

You always have the freedom to make choices about how you live your life. Even when times are as challenging and uncertain as they are right now.

To claim that freedom you have to figure out what you want your life to be all about. And then resolve to actually live your Best Life. BUT …

Did you know that as many of 80% of all people who make resolutions fail at keeping them?

When you decide to finally start living your Best Life, you want to do all you can to make sure you won’t be yet another statistic.

Total value € 2,611.
Because this is a pilot version of the program you only pay € 653!

Use the discount code BESTLIFE01-2020 to get an additional € 354 off and only pay € 299.
Code is valid through January 1, 2021.

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To start living your Best Life you have to find a way to stop …

  • Feeling crushed by the weight of other people’s expectations
  • Drowning in a bottomless sea of stress
  • Make sure you don’t burnout (again)
  • Feeling as though you’ve got no control
  • Becoming part of the 80% who give up on their resolutions by February


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An 8-week online program

  • You are meant to live your own life — your Best Life. In this 8-week online program I take you through a step-by-step process to help you discover what your Best Life looks like to you and how you can realise it
  • You will learn things about yourself and the way you’ve been living life till now that you’ll need to and can change to live your Best Life
  • You’ll know exactly what life for you is all about
  • You’ll be able to confidently carve out your own path towards living your best life

What makes this program special?

Mountains and Nature are an important part of the work I do. They also play an important part in this online program where you’ll discover how to live your Best Life.

  • Together we’ll go on a virtual mountain trek.
  • You’ll experience the mountains, their beauty and challenges from the comfort of your own home
  • You’ll be given easy to accomplish tasks to re-connect you with Nature wherever you are
  • You’ll learn to look at Nature with fresh eyes
  • You’ll re-discover and experience your relationship with Nature
  • You’ll re-discover that you’re part of and not separate from Nature

Re-Connecting with Nature this way is important because I strongly believe you can’t be connected to yourself, without being connected with Nature!


Gerdi is an insightful and talented coach, who is never afraid of asking the questions you most need to answer. Her straight-talking approach is tempered by kindness and humour which creates an atmosphere that allows you to go deep and get to the heart of whatever challenge or issue you may be facing. Her unique combination of coaching skills and affinity with the mountains always inspires and grounds, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reconnect not only with Nature but themselves.


Imagine …

  • Knowing what your purpose in life is
  • Knowing exactly what your Best Life looks like
  • Knowing what to do and which steps to take to start living that life
  • Taking back at least some control over your life
  • Being able to say “No” to things and responsibilities you don’t want to take on anymore
  • Being able to carve out your own path through life

Pre-sales note

The live sessions in this program will be conducted in English. The individual sessions as well as 24/7 support will be conducted in English, Dutch or German depending on your preference.

What’s included in this program?

  • Access to 8 online group sessions (max. 8 participants) conducted over the course of 8 weeks.Each session includes a short training segment, followed by discussion, opportunities to ask questions and brief ‘hot seat coaching’ for one or more participants. We can learn a lot from listening to other people’s stories and experiences
    (Value € 957)
  • 1 Individual session where the focus is 100% on you, your dreams and desires. We’ll get clear about why you want to discover how to live your best life and your expectations for this program. That way you’ll be crystal clear on your desired outcome as well as how much time you are able and willing to make towards it
    (Value € 360)
  • 8 Weeks access to a dedicated Telegram group for the duration of the program. I’ve tried running facebook and LinkedIn groups and they are not for me. Telegram is somehow much more direct which makes it easier to share experiences, ask for support, cheer each other on, celebrate success, post weekly goals, ask for accountability or just chat whenever you feel like it.

    In addition, resources for this program will be made available through this platform
    (Value € 510)

  • 24/7 Individual support via text and voice messages on Telegram. During the 8 weeks of the program, you can message me as often as you want. When it takes me a while to get back to you it’s probably because I’m somewhere out and about — most likely in the mountains. But I promise: I always reply!
    (Value € 600)
  • Resources include video recaps of the program sessions and downloadable worksheets accompanying each session topic. However, you’ll get the most out of this program from the live group and 1-on-1 sessions. I urge you to make optimum use of those.
    (Value € 184)

Total value € 2,611.
Because this is a pilot version of the program you only pay € 653!

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Bonuses to keep you moving beyond the 8-week program

  • 1 Individual mid-program session to check in on your goals, commitment, etc.
    (Value € 360)
  • 1 Individual after-program session to solidify your learnings and commitment, answer any questions, provide accountability, etc.
    (Value € 360)

I highly recommend Gerdi as a life and executive coach. She offers an expansive space to explore yourself and develops rapport very quickly. Gerdi listens deeply and communicates straight from the heart. Her courage inspires another to take a deep dive and create shifts in their life.


Want to start living your Best Life? This online group program is for you when …

  • You want to bring what your Best Life looks like into as sharp a focus as possible
  • You want to eliminate the risk of being overwhelmed by the idea of having to make drastic life changes. Instead, find out how to make incremental changes that are much easier to sustain
  • You’d love to get to know others who also want to live their Best Life
  • You’d benefit from not just working with an experienced coach, but also from having a group of likeminded people who’ll will cheer you on, lift you up when you get discouraged and help you celebrate your successes
  • You know you get your best results when you have an accountability structure to help you sustain change

However, it’s not right for you when you …

  • Want to live your Best Life, but in your heart of hearts, you’re scared to death of making the necessary changes. You won’t be able to go through with actually making life changes, no matter how small
  • Are close to or in the middle of a burnout. Before you start on the path towards your Best Life first take time to recover from that burnout
  • Expect results without actually doing the work. What you are about to learn works, but it is the same with this program as with any other: put garbage (or nothing) in and garbage (or nothing) comes out
  • Don’t have a sense of humour and can’t handle working with someone who’s known for her directness and calling a spade a spade
  • Expect squeaky clean language. Occasionally some swear words will slip into the conversation, I’m afraid
  • Are reluctant to use platforms (new to you) such as Zoom and Telegram


I know when I work in the Business too much I get consumed. With staff, with clients and the daily ins and outs, but what is important as a visionary is being able to have time and space to dream and get clarity. Gerdi Verwoert gives Visionaries, and those who may need to adjust their priorities or values the time and space in the most beautiful and original way. CEO’s, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs or corporates needing to re-think

When you’re wondering …

  • Why is this a pilot program?
    This is the first time I’ll be running this program live in combination with 8 weeks of support via Telegram. Though I’ll do my absolute best to let things run smoothly, there will likely be some bumps along the way. Running the program as a pilot first will allow me to smooth out those bumps, while still giving you my absolute best.
  • Why do you charge € 653?
    The program includes:
    • Access to 8 online group sessions valued at € 957
    • 1 Individual session valued at € 360
    • 8 Weeks access to a dedicated Telegram group valued at € 510
    • 24/7 Individual support valued at € 600
    • Resources include valued at € 184

Total value € 2,611. Since this is a pilot program you only pay € 653.

In addition, you get 2 more individual sessions. One halfway through the program to gauge your progress. The second one after the program to evaluate your experience and to support you as you continue to carve out your own path through life.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    I completely understand it can be hard at times to invest in yourself. I don’t usually offer payment plans for programs under € 1,000. However … you can pay € 653 at once or make one payment of € 359 before the start of the program and the second payment of € 359 before the start of session #5. When you want to use the payment plan option, contact me directly to set it up.

    When you enrol in the program using a coupon code you are not eligible for a payment plan.

201911366 - DGH Best life 01-B
  • Do I get individual (1-on-1) coaching?
    Before the actual start of the program you’ll have an individual session with me where we dive into your goals for participating in this program.

    In each group session, one or more participants will have the opportunity to get in the ‘hot seat’. They will be coached in the (virtual) presence of the other group members around the subject of that particular session. Being witness to a ‘hot seat’ coaching session can be as useful or even more useful as receiving individual coaching. Much can be learned from the experiences of others.

    You also get 2 bonus individual coaching sessions. One halfway through the program to gauge your progress. The second one after the program to evaluate your experience and to support you as you continue to carve out your own path through life.

    In the Telegram group, you can spar and have discussions with other group members and occasionally I will pop in too. Using Telegram you can message me 24/7 during the entire program. On workdays, I will reply within 24 hours.

  • How much time will this take me?
    The weekly sessions are 45-60 minutes long. To truly integrate what you learn I would set aside another hour or so per week.

    Much of what you’ll learn and discover you can — with some effort — integrate in your life without setting aside dedicated time. It requires conscious awareness rather than dedicated time.

  • Zoom, Telegram — I’ve never heard of these, can I still join?
    Of course. They are easy enough to learn as long as you have some experience with online tools like for example Skype, facebook of WhatsApp. Just let me know before your individual session and I’ll help you set them up.

Every so often you meet an exceptional human being who blows your mind – Gerdi is that person. She is a high trust leader who operates from her deep commitment to her core values, builds long-term relations ships and is willing to take risks. I always look forward to our conversations as Gerdi is direct, fun, engaging, and intelligent.