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Dare Greatly Coaching | Celebrate reaching your summit

How Setting Life Goals Is Like Picking Mountains To Climb

Mountain hiking is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. Just like life is not a sprint, but rather a marathon.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Forgiving

I Know I Am Doing Something Right When My Teeth Aren’t Chattering

I was my own harshest critic. When I made a mistake, the critic within immediately piped up. "How could you be so stupid?! Anybody else would have caught it. But you didn't! Of course not! Why do you have to be so dumb?"

Dare Greatly Coaching | Stop being afraid

3 Things I Stopped Being Afraid Of When I Became A Life Coach, Guide & Teacher

I spent much of my professional life being afraid of being found out as a fraud, as somebody who didn't really know what she was doing. That is until I worked myself into a burnout and took a long hard look at what had brought me there.

10 Daring Quotes To Start 2016 (c) Dare Greatly Coaching

10 Daring Quotes To Start 2016

I love quotes. I learn from them. They provide insight. I use them as affirmations. And sometimes they are just beautiful.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Seed of triumph

Always seek out the seed of triumph

When you regularly entertain thoughts along the following lines .. I can’t believe they haven’t caught on yet, I don’t know what...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Forgive yourself for not knowing

Forgive yourself for not knowing!

How often have you beaten yourself up saying things like: "How could I've been so stupid? If only I had known this sooner?!"

Dare Greatly Coaching | Let go!

Let Go!

The only way to be light and free is to let go of all worries and anxiety.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Limit life

Do you limit your life for fear of being discovered as a fraud?

For a long time the life I led was limited. Not because of some disability or a lack of interest, but because I was afraid people in my professional life were going to find out I felt I didn't belong there. I was always afraid somebody would find out I didn't know what I was doing.

Dare Greatly Coaching | Living up to your own expectations

Are you living up to your own expectations?

Very few of us have not been brought up with the idea that we have to live up to certain...

Dare Greatly Coaching | Stress happens

When your mind resists … talk about it!

Recently I was confronted with a problem (or was it a challenge?) and found my mind going 'round and 'round in circles, until I could feel my entire body becoming tense like a coiled spring.

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